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Cedric Thorbes

Author | Educator | Poet

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Cedric Thorbes is an educator, community advocate, public speaker, and award-winning author from Cleveland, OH. Cedric is a proud graduate of Morehouse College, where he graduated with honors with a degree in African American Studies. Cedric received a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Montclair State University while earning certifications in school leadership & teacher development. Cedric’s love and passion for working with young people have led him to do his life's work in the field of education as he currently serves as the Director of School Culture & Career Technical Education for a Charter Management Organization in Newark, NJ. In 2021-22, Cedric participated in the JerseyCAN Education Policy Fellowship, conducting research and advocating for the benefits of career & technical education in urban charter schools. Cedric has a unique way of connecting with his audience by telling his life story of hardship and triumph. Through inspirational stories and speeches, Cedric has already impacted many people's lives throughout the country.


As an educator & president of the consulting firm Global Education Management Consulting, LLC., Cedric has worked with numerous organizations to inspire people from all walks of life and provide tips for success.  Cedric has traveled to multiple cities across the nation, encouraging inner-city youth to strive for excellence and develop a sense of self. He aims to promote the importance of obtaining a quality education and challenge young people to take control of their futures. He lives by the mantra, “To have what average people don't have, I must do what average people won’t don’t do.” Cedric's goal is to provide every young person in the country with culturally responsive literature containing the social-emotional components necessary to succeed in today's volatile racial and political climate. From his work, Cedric continues to create robust conversations about goal setting, mentoring, relationship building, and culturally responsive teaching in our homes, communities, and schools.

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Outspoken is a powerful autobiographical work that speaks to its readers on varying levels, depending on where they are in their own lives. It is a testimony of transformation, resilience, and endurance. After reading this, readers are encouraged to do a plethora of things. For the youth who pick up this book, they gain proof that where they come from does not determine where they can go. They also began to understand the power of words and how self-affirmation can propel them in their own life. For adults who read this, Cedric’s transparency about the great impact of mentors and role models in his life reminds them of the value of reaching back into communities and inspiring youth. For school leaders who read this book, it speaks to the importance of building strong student relationships, exposing students to resources in the community, and having an unrelenting belief that our scholars can be successful. It also speaks to the necessity for school districts to provide scholars with culturally relevant literature to peak student engagement. This book holds a valuable message for those who love literature, spoken word, public speaking and performing. It is a message of persistence and drive. It will be impossible for anyone, regardless of their background, to read this book and not be inspired.


Since it’s release on November 16, 2020 23 schools, 6 school districts and 4 community based organizations have purchased Outspoken to help them fulfill their mission of inspiring the next generation of young people. Outspoken also won an award for Best Memoir at the 2021 Keen Vision Publishing Book Awards.

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OUTSPOKEN by Cedric Thorbes is a raw but uplifting memoir about succeeding in the face of challenges. The author uses poetry, prose, and anecdotes to tell his inspirational story. The writing is frank and emotional, inviting readers to make a positive change.


All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.

/ Friedrich Nietzsche


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